Distant Reiki Session

A Distant Reiki Session works just like a healing session or an energy tune-up and lasts the same amount of time (15-30 minutes, including talk-time).

This method is a common request amongst University/College students prior to taking their examinations, to assist in channelling energy to them to assist in their preperation for their examinations.
We will set a time for the session where you will be asked to lie or sit in a comfortable space where you will not be disturbed.

Next you will be asked to try to clear your mind so that you can be in a receptive state. If you wish to burn some incense or oil, that will often help.

Once the session starts and you begin to feel currents of energy (they may come and go), just try to open up and stay with them.

We will then begin with either the Healing Session or the Energy Tune Up as described on this website. 

1. Drink plenty of water, both before and after the session.
2. Make yourself comfortable a few minutes so that you are relaxed prior to starting.
3. Make sure you have a few minutes to spare after the session. You will want to enjoy the feeling of deep relaxation that you will most likely be experiencing.
4. Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before or after a session.
5. If possible, try to avoid over stimulation through food and drink for a couple of hours before and after a session.
6. Please switch off your TV, Radio and music you have playing. Soft relaxing music is acceptable. If you wish to burn some incense or oil, that will often help.

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