Relax, Revitalize, Heal with Divine Energy

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Reiki is an energetic “tune up” for the body.  It helps physical and spiritual energy flow more effectively, thereby creating better health.

My Reiki technique uses a combination of traditional Japanese and modern Western Reiki techinques to provide healing that is simple yet powerful.

A non-invasive and very gentle form of pain relief, Reiki is safe for all ages, and all circumstances.

Although traditional Reiki involves “hands on” healing, if you are uncomfortable with healing touch, energy can effectively be sent into the body from a distance.

Reiki can be done remotely or in person at the location of your choice.

'' THOSE WHO CONQUER THEIR MIND, WILL CONQUER THE WORLD''  .Why Do Age Old Problems Remain ?.....One of the biggest problem with life in this developed world is the quick -fix mortality. there is no quick- fix! ....stress out? take a nap. feeling down? pop a prozac pill!...lost a relationship?..take a drink!..suffering from anger take another pill! gaining weight ? try the diet fad of the month!..seeking spirituality? read this 10000 years religion book!  now you can take a guess  that there is NO quick -fixes ....YOUR MIND SHAPES YOUR REALITY ... Trust us we here to help,  h e l p,  H   E   L  P!   Marios

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